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I think I’ll title this post “The Los Angeles Times motto ‘Don’t Publish the Story Especially when it comes to the LA County Board of Supervisors’”

A couple of weeks ago the LA County Board of Supervisors ordered the boardroom cleared, went into closed session and when they returned kept the meeting closed to all but the press. They did this in response to a disruption caused by a handful of protestors. Unfortunately, few in LA County are probably aware that […]

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LA County Board of Supervisors thumb noses at Brown Act and the Public yet again!

Over the past several months, the Board of Supervisors has implemented many rules that have in my opinion slowly eroded the Public’s rights as permitted under the Brown Act. However today I think I observed the most egregious abuse of their authority and complete disregard for the Public and our right to address them, not […]

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A post from Supervisor Yaroslavsky

On January 24th, Supervisor Yaroslavsky chose to post his response to the various news articles and public comments made regarding to both his now notorious motion and the many news articles published in response to the Board of Supervisor’s attempt to pass Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s motion.  His opening paragraph “For the past several weeks, a lot […]

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Response to Los Angeles Times article

Posted on the Los Angeles Times website: What a lively discussion this article has generated.  I’d like to respond to the many people who have suggested that we need to have term limits imposed on the Board of Supervisors — which we’ve already done.  In March 2002, we passed Measure B ( by more than […]

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Update – The Los Angeles media wakes up and reports on the LA County Board’s Attempt to Quash Public Input

Well, finally the assorted Los Angeles area newspapers have decided to weigh in on the LA County Board of Supervisors’ attempt to “limit” (I call it quash) public input at the weekly Board of Supervisors’ meetings.  The Los Angeles Daily News reported on Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s motion to “limit” public speech under the pretext of needing […]

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Los Angeles County Board moves to quash public’s right to address the Board

The recent proposal to limit public speaking at supervisors’ meetings put under review is just one more ludicrous action proposed by our not so illustrious LA County Board of Supervisors. I’ve monitored the Board for the past 12 years, and I’ve made a point to hold their feet to the fire when it comes to […]

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