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State of California orders LA Care to “cease and desist”. . .

Written By: raconte - Aug• 10•12
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On July 13, 2012 the State of California Health and Human Services Agency Department of Managed Health Care issues LA Care, a quasi-governmental agency of Los Angeles County, a cease and desist order.  California Watch first reported this in their August 6. 2012 Daily Report, they reported that 12 “cease and desist” orders had been issued to Accountable, a Los Angeles doctors’ group that provides care for 148,000 patients.  One organization that contracted with Accountable was our very own L.A. Care (LA CARE Cease&Desist) and on whose Board of Governors Supervisor Molina and John Schunhoff (now retired) sit and represent the County’s voice.  So, I was surprised this past Tuesday to find that neither the Board of Supervisors nor Dr. Mitch Katz appeared aware of the cease and desist order.  But then again the Board does love to play at being blissfully unaware of many problems until someone, usually not one of their sycophants, makes the information public.  Just ask Noguez and his seven special assistants (still on County payroll as far as I can ascertain) about how ignorant the Board was about their bosses actions – that is until the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and Randy Economy reported on the alleged corruption going on at the LA County Assessor’s office.  I wonder does the Board even know that the county taxpayers are footing the bill for Mr. Noguez’s seven special assistants even while he’s on paid administrative leave?

So good citizen that I was I gave the Board of Supervisors and Dr. Katz copies of the cease and desist order and I wonder what excuse Mr. Howard A. Kahn (Chief Executive Office, LA Care) or Mr. John Wallace (Chief Operating Officer, LA Care) will come up with regarding their foot dragging as it relates to their foot-dragging on shedding their association with Accountable or when for that matter they will make public that they got dinged by the State?

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