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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approve millions of dollars for an undetermined number of Letters of Agreements

Written By: raconte - Feb• 23•12
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In case you missed it the Board, as is their custom, gave blanket approval to authorize one of their agents (in this case the Director of Health Services Mitch Katz M.D.) to “offer and execute Letters of Agreements (LOA) in an annual estimated amount of $1,000,000 …”  This item (designated as A-4 1115 Waiver LOA) was handled under the Feb. 21st agenda and further clarified under the supplemental agenda (commonly referred to as the green sheet).

After reading the item description I then requested the referenced memo which failed to clarify the most burning question – which was is that 1 million dollars in total for all LOAs?  Or can each individual LOA be issued for an amount up to 1 million dollars.  How many LOAs will be issued — 10, 100, 1000?  Will there be a cap before requiring that this issue return to the Board and thus be available for public scrutiny?

I posed this question to the Board on Tuesday, Supervisor Yaroslavsky looked somewhat confused and concerned – but nonetheless the item was passed with nary a question asked to clarify, what appears to this citizen, patently vague language.

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