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Courtesy of the LA County Department of Mental Health – “Guide to Wellbeing Apps”

Written By: raconte - Apr• 19•20
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Our Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) has been hard at work keeping staff, stakeholders, and the community-at-large in the “loop” when it comes to mental health resources during this unprecedented time. Most recently, DMH has released a list of “well-being” apps to help LA County residents through this Coronavirus “stay-at-home” order. Below are some apps and their related links, all offer both a free version and a paid version, to avoid being charged just make sure you don’t enter a credit care number.

Physical Wellbeing

7-Minute WorkoutApple or Google Play

Access guided workouts for any activity level

FooducateApple or Google Play

Create your healthy diet toolbox

HeadspaceApple Google Play

Access guided meditations and mindfulness activities

Emotional Wellbeing

HappifyApple or Google Play

Play games to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts, and build resilience

MindShiftApple or Google Play

Access resources to help manage anxiety

Happy ColorTM – Color by Number – Apple or Google Play

Engage in coloring activities as a positive coping strategy

Physical WellBring

HooplaVarious Platforms

Access e-books, music, audiobooks, and movies

Khan AcademyVarious Platforms

Learn online with interactive exercises and videos

LuminosityVarious Platforms

Improve memory and increase focus with brain training games

Financial Wellbeing

DPSS MobileApple or Google Play

Fill out forms and skip a trip to the office

KeeperVarious Platforms

Store and manage passwords securely

MintApple or Google Play

Develop and manage a personal budget

And remember you can always access Mental Health resources by following this link

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