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Flawed Pasadena process still gets good results — maybe not

Written By: raconte - Jun• 28•15
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The following – – was a Pasadena Star News opinion piece regarding the recent selection process used to fill the then vacant District 7 seat. And though Wilson felt the process was flawed he concluded that it still yielded good results – this Pasadena resident couldn’t disagree more. So what follows is my letter to the editor, which for what every reason Wilson felt was unworthy to be printed.

RE: Flawed Pasadena process still gets good results


Dear Editor:


I agree wholeheartedly that the process of our city council was flawed, but only time will tell whether this process garners good results. However, there was an option that our “good old boys club” could’ve chosen. That option and one that would’ve more closely matched the will of District 7’s constituents would’ve been the appointment of Margaret York. York was the second top vote getter in the April 2009 election, and since she had thrown her hat in the ring for consideration for the now vacant District 7 seat, I think it would’ve been wise to appoint her. After all in 2009, 47.3% of District 7 voters had cast their ballot for her as their pick for their city council seat. That our freshly elected Mayor Tornek was the vote that decided the selection of Mr. Wilson really disappointed me. Perhaps Tornek couldn’t deal with his previous rival, which might explain why Tornek didn’t support her nomination.


I guess that this logical and commonsense solution eluded our erstwhile council people. I’m just glad I’m not a District 7 resident because though Mr. Wilson might’ve appeared a good choice, I think overlooking the April 2009 election results is a slap in the face of the good people of District 7. Personally, I found such display of hypocrisy by our city council difficult to swallow.



AFTERNOTE – I found it interesting that neither Tornek nor Wilson thought it important to let the good people of Pasadena know that Andy Wilson contributed to Tornek 2015 mayoral campaign. Though Wilson’s contribution was small, somewhere around $1200.00, and Tornek might not be expected to recall each and every individual who financially contributed to his campaign. Mr. Andy Wilson should be expected to recall whose campaign he contributed to and at the very least he should’ve declared this prior to the city council taking a vote – and Mayor Tornek should’ve recused himself from the vote.

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