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CD-14 Debate — and the winner is . . .

Written By: raconte - Feb• 21•15
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Gloria Molina!

In case you missed it Cal State LA was the place to be to hear the four contenders for the Los Angeles City Council District 14 seat. The contenders in alphabetical order were Mario Chávez, Nadine Diaz, José Huízar (the incumbent), and Gloria Molina.

Yours truly attended primarily to show my support for Molina, who in my personal opinion is the best person for the job – and her performance didn’t disappoint. She was in top form and got in some real zingers at the incumbent. In fact Chávez and Diaz also fired off several tough barbs at the incumbent.

Both Chávez and Diaz did a respectable jobs holding their own, but it was Molina’s experience that won the day. Huízar, all but ignoring Chávez and Diaz, aimed his barbs at Molina who met them with steely-eyed determination. Of course this is nothing new to those of us who’ve watched her during her tenure on the LA County Board of Supervisors.

And, though the audience applauded comments made by all four of the candidates, it was Huízar’s comment that CD-14 hadn’t seen such low crimes rates since the 1950’s that elicited so many groans of disbelief that I couldn’t help but award him my very own Pinocchio award for this obvious misrepresentation.

If I lived in the City of Los Angeles Council District 14, I’d vote for Molina. I’ve encourage all my friends and associates living in CD-14 to get out and vote for her because she’s got what it takes.

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