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Eureka – Physical Therapy Schedule, and it only took 3 Months!

They say that Workers’ Compensation is supposed to help get the injured worker back to pre-injury condition, but as this injured worker has learned there’s no guarantee when or if that care will even be provided. In my last post, I wrote about waiting for my treating physician’s request for physical therapy (PT) to get […]

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Plural sequelae \-?kwe-(?)l?\ An aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury A secondary result As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary As I sit here at home waiting to learn when I’ll finally have my physical therapy (PT) appointment, I wondered how many other injured workers’ suffer from sequela/ae due to the foot dragging, oops I […]

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How did I get here? And why I got an attorney?

When I suffered my work-related injury being represented by an attorney was the furthest thing from my mind that is until I felt that Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation) was “messing” with my care. After my fall on the wet floor of the restroom at the hospital I was sent to our employer’s workers’ […]

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Workers’ Compensation medical care versus your private insurance medical care

The other day I read an interesting post written by Dr. Kathleen Kozak a physician from Hawaii who has a column in Honolulu Civil Beat. Her column, which can be read here bolstered my own personal theory that has been germinating for quite some time now. I’ve often wondered over the past many years if […]

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