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The “Patient dumping” scheme in Workers’ Compensation

Eureka! I think I figured out how employers or at least my former employer, Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation), saves money on the treatment of my work-related injury – they pawn it off on my private insurance. I think it’s the Workers’ Compensation (WC) version of a patient dumping scheme. Over the past several […]

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So, I caused my cardiac issue or so says Adventist Health

As I ended in my last post, I left my internal medicine consult with the need to get a cardiac clearance before I could be cleared for right shoulder surgery. Once again, Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation) left it to me, the injured worker, to make all the necessary arrangements to secure the needed […]

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If I thought getting medical clearance would be easy I was seriously mistaken!

As you all may know; and in case you didn’t; clearances (not the kind you get at Nordie’s) but the medical kind are as much a part of the surgical process as are the nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologist. So in short you can’t have one without the other, at least for the planned surgical procedures, […]

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The problem with corporation “values” statements

Mission and value statements can be very helpful in defining what drives corporate culture, but they can also shed a light on a corporation’s weaknesses. While gathering information on Adventist Health I stumbled on their corporate website ( After reading their published values I found I couldn’t help but adding my “two cents” to reflect […]

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Having to make your own way to get your care

You’d think that Adventist Health, you know that religious, hospital/healthcare corporation would do everything in their power to ensure that their employees who suffered a work-related injury would get care in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, that’s not been my experience, especially with what should’ve been my final surgery. As I posted yesterday, I suffered a […]

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What happens when you “code” during a Workers’ Compensation approved surgery?

You’d think that if you surfer a life threatening emergency while undergoing a surgical procedure you’d think that your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurer carrier wouldn’t question your surgeon’s medical decision – but that didn’t happen in my life-threatening moment. Here’s what happened. After several years of going back and forth with Adventist Health (who’s self-insured) […]

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When Workers’ Compensation fails the injured worker!

Just a little over a year ago tragedy struck San Bernardino (SB) County when two radicalized individuals attacked SB County employees during a training/holiday party. 14 people were killed and 22 more were seriously injured that fateful day on December 2, 2015. Flash forward a year and the public discovered that many of the 22 […]

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