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Virtual Tools to Support Nurses’ Mental Health

The American Nurses Foundation recently launched “The Well-Being Initiative” to provide resources to support the mental health and resilience of nurses. This site can serve as an invaluable resource for nurse, especially during our current COVID-19 crisis. The link to the site and its resources can be found by following this link.

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On June 22, 2020 the following press release was issued form the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center. The press release announced efforts being made by LA County’s Department on Mental Health in partnership with the UCLA Hispanic Neuropsychiatric Center of Excellence to address the mental health needs of the County’s Latino communities. Below is the press […]

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Important Mental Health meetings and webinars to join/attend to network, advocate, collaborate during COVID-19 “Safer at Home order”

Many in LA County have lost and are continuing to lose family and community to COVID-19. While many more are afraid because they’ve lost their jobs, may lose their homes, and the unsure future. I hope the information and resources below will help to inform and empower your community and you during these “interesting times” […]

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On Our Sleeves – Mental Health Resources for Children in the time of COVID-19

There are many great mental health resources available, and the current COVID-19 crisis has made it even more critical to have the ability to access them. Below is a link to mental health resource for children – the site is called On Our Sleeves and can be found following this link–

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This just in from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health! – WE RISE 2020 VIRTUAL MAY

On May 1st at 10:00 AM Director Dr. Jonathan Sherin will announce: May is celebrated nationally as Mental Health Awareness Month to spotlight the importance of mental health issues and access to care for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased fear, anxiety and stress dramatically, so visibility and awareness for this important issue are needed now more […]

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LA County Department of Mental Health (LAC DMH) leading the way . . .

The Los Angeles County of Mental Health Department ( staff has been hard at work keeping LA County residents informed during this period of crisis and uncertainty.  Dr. Sherin and his staff have worked hard at keeping the lines of communication open with stakeholders and community members alike. It’s not uncommon to get numerous emails […]

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