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Eureka – Physical Therapy Schedule, and it only took 3 Months!

Written By: raconte - Jan• 31•17
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They say that Workers’ Compensation is supposed to help get the injured worker back to pre-injury condition, but as this injured worker has learned there’s no guarantee when or if that care will even be provided.

In my last post, I wrote about waiting for my treating physician’s request for physical therapy (PT) to get the green light. Of course the Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation) claims adjuster decided that maybe my treating physician’s diagnosis that I needed PT was somehow inappropriate, not the standard of care, a shot in the dark diagnosis, etc. So, off she went and sent the request to utilization review (UR) – you know any excuse not to pay for medical care or at the very least delay shelling out the greenbacks to pay for care for as long as Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation) can hold out, or better yet wear out the injured worker so that they either give up on seeking the care or pay for it out of pocket.

This time it only took just under three months to actually get a PT appointment scheduled. To accomplish this goal it only took numerous calls from my treating physician to the Adventist Health (that religious hospital/healthcare corporation) claims adjuster, approval of their handpicked UR company and my attorney. All this effort and time for four PT appointments with a system like this, it’s a wonder that injured worker’s get any medical treatment at all.

More to follow . . .

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